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Acts 1:8  ISV  “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

The church is a place of life, renewal, and hope – restoring the world for God’s Glory.  At International Baptist Church Tbilisi, we are an authentic, difference-making, Christ-centered family. Our ministries provide something for everyone. At any and every stage of life, there is a place to connect in this family with one another, grow together in faith, and serve each other in love. Whether you’re new or have been attending our services for years, we challenge you to get involved and grow. We believe the pathway toward spiritual and personal growth is found by engaging in a consistent lifestyle of worship, taking advantage of learning opportunities, inviting others on our journey, and reaching out to those in need with encouragement, support, and giving.

Kid's Ministry

Come visit our Church playhouse in our children's ministry- an entire sanctuary renovated into a kid-sized room! Children are important to us, in fact we say "it takes a time" to give every child the care they need and to grow them up in the Lord. We care for newborns thru 5th grade in our dynamic community under impeccably trained professionals and caring hearts.

Nursery Care is available every Sunday. 

Village Ministry

We start house prayer groups in unreached villages and share the love of God. And also we are involved in improving health awareness through various medical training seminars and medical clinics in the villages. Shortage of clean drinking water is a major issue in these villages. Establishing hand pump wells in these villages will improve their quality of life

College Ministry

Our college ministry helps students become EXPOSED to, EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS Christ, His kingdom and the biblical purposes of his church.

College ministry is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of college-aged young adults (18-25). We do this through a wide variety of experiences that help college age students nurture a relationship with Christ in a loving community as they navigate the challenges of this life-stage. To learn more about our college ministry, CM, visit their complete website below.

Women's Ministry

n the tangles of an intensely busy, fragmented society, we want to connect with you.  We are praying that God will unfold ways we can serve to bring women closer to each other and to Christ.  Our desire is to support each other, encourage new relationships and to grow in faith and spiritual knowledge.

Choir Ministry

In order to achieve this goal, the Music Ministry feels that commitment to the following responsibilities is essential:

  • As a born again believer in Jesus Christ, commit to a stronger fellowship with Him that is growing through regular devotions and individual prayer time.

  • Commit to pray that our Church and the ministry of the choir will fulfill God's purpose.

  • Commit to accept this position with the understanding that your personal conduct should be to God's glory.

  • Commit to regular attendance and promptness for rehearsals and services.

Our choir is currently led by  Music Minister Solomon. Choir meets every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. You don't have to be a member to join the choir, just someone who is committed to the ministry. In addition to supporting the Worship service on Sunday mornings, our choir often prepares other Musical events, typically at Christmas and Easter.

Volunteer Groups

Volunteering is a great way to get plugged into your church, feel like part of a community, and serve Jesus at the same time.

God has uniquely equipped every person in the Church with specific skills and gifts. As Christians, we are tasked with utilizing these gifts in our community and within our local church. Using your God-given skills as a volunteer is a fantastic way to serve the church while simultaneously lightening the load of a church’s staff.


Volunteering has a spiritual benefit as well. By volunteering, an individual will often want to dive deeper into the life of the church. At the same time, they serve not only as a helping hand, but also as a witness of the Gospel message within the community.

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